Carla Gannis in a group show at DEFIBRILLATOR, Chicago

by kasiakayartprojects

Kasia Kay Gallery’s artist, Carla Gannis, in a group show <legend> <legend>

<legend> </legend> | Carla Gannis & Justin Petropoulos
Friday, April 18, 7pm-8pm
with live performance and artist talk.
Image, 1136 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago 606

Featuring: Gregory Bennett, Carla Ganis and Justin Petropoulos, Kurt Hentschläger, Christopher Meerdo, John Monteith, Nicolas Sagan.

<legend> </legend>is a collaborative project of poems and drawings based on text redactions of The Book of Earths, by Edna Kenton, a compendium of theories of the shape of the Earth, and its surrounding folklore. While the project is rooted in analog works, specifically poems by Justin Petropoulos and ink drawings by Carla Gannis, it grows these texts and images into digital paintings, animations, projection mapped & 3D printed sculptures, as well as interactive works. The project’s title, <legend> </legend>, is an empty html tag. The viewer/reader must complete the meaning themselves, the definition of each legend is determined by the movement within ones own cartographies.