Art Fair

by kasiakayartprojects

kasia kay art projects gallery is pleased to announce its participation at ArtHamptons 2012 with an exhibition of works by selected artists: Kevin Berlin, Erika Harrsch, Elisa Johns, and Katherine Desjardins.

(From top to bottom: Kevin Berlin, “Tiger in the House”, oil on canvas, 77″ x 89″, 2012. Erika Harrsch, “Cave”,  40″ x 55″, mixed media on paper. Acrylic, pencil, ink and collage (already framed), 2011. “Elizabeth and Marie”, 38″ x 28″, oil on canvas, 2011. Katherine Desjardins, “MayB”,  ink and brush, mixed media on mylar, 17″ x 15.5″, 2007-2012)

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